CULVER CITY, Calif.–Tensorcom Inc. today announced the addition of the 802.11ad/WiGig® system on chip (SoC) with integrated USB 3.0, to its product portfolio.

The TC60G6504UE is a monolithic SoC with a highly integrated, ultra-low power, 60 GHz CMOS MAC/PHY and USB 3.0 controller/PHY. Tensorcom customers now have a complete WiGig® USB 3.0 solution for embedded devices that require Gigabit-per-second wireless connectivity at the lowest power in the smallest form factor. The on-die integration of a USB 3.0 controller/PHY enables device manufacturers to both lower bill of material (BOM) costs and printed circuit board dimensions.

“Tensorcom is advancing its industry leading integration levels with USB 3.0 by further lowering power consumption on WiGig® USB 3.0 designs, resulting in substantially longer battery life and making it ideal for mobile devices and other power-sensitive wireless products. Silicon-level integration of a USB 3.0 controller combined with our industry-leading 802.11ad compliant 60 GHz MAC/PHY allows us to provide tremendous value to our partners building smartphones, tablets, and other size and power constrained products. The release of TC60G6504UE is consistent with our strategy to pass on BOM cost savings to our customers,” said Fay Arjomandi, CEO of Tensorcom.

Engineering samples and evaluation kits for the TC60G6504UE SoC will be available at the end of the 2016 second quarter and production ramp is scheduled for early in the fourth quarter of this year.

Additionally, Tensorcom has reached mass production of its TC60G1324UE module, a first generation low cost, low power, full-CMOS 802.11ad module with a USB3.0 interface. The TC60G1324UE module will be shipping in customer products beginning in the second quarter of 2016.

“2016 is an exciting year for Tensorcom. We are releasing new products that are pushing the limits of size, power and wireless data rates. This will unleash innovations and user experiences never before seen. Simultaneously, we are expanding our strategic partnerships across the industry with key players in the automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, medical devices, telecom and military sectors, among others,” said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman of Tensorcom.