TC60G Use Cases

Mobile Applications


Sync portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras and enjoy multi-gigabit wireless transfers for sharing photos, video and other multimedia.

Share Content

Upload high-definition photos and videos to your PC or directly to the Web from your digital camera, camcorder, or smartphone at blazing speeds without the need for clunky cables or wires.

Stream HD Video Clips

With speeds of up to 2.5 Gb/s, you can stream uncompressed 1080p HD video to your mobile devices in seconds. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

PC Centric Applications

High-speed File Transfers

Wirelessly transfer documents, photos, videos and more between a desktop computer, portable hard-drive, laptop, and other devices instantaneously.

Wireless Backup

With multi-gigabit wireless data transfers you can backup personal data to an external storage device in a fraction of the time.

Connect to Remote Peripherals

Wirelessly connect your laptop to a projector to give a presentation, or stream an HD movie from your laptop’s Blu-ray drive to your HDTV without an HDMI cable.

Easy Access and Interoperability

The WiGig specification is designed to expand existing Wi-Fi capabilities and work with a wide variety of devices, creating a seamless transition to multi-gigabit wireless networking. 60 GHz WiGig technology will also coexist with the millions of wireless devices already in use around the world.

TV Centric Applications

Uncompressed 1080p Video

Wirelessly stream uncompressed 1080p video from a set-top box or Blu-ray player to your HDTV instantaneously. Enjoy TV shows and movies in high-definition while eliminating the need for HDMI, optical, and other cables around your home.

Stream Video, Music, Games, and More

With a growing number of content providers streaming high-definition movies, music, video games, stock quotes, and more directly to your HDTV, our 60 GHz chipsets will bring this content to your living room within seconds.

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