Requisition # L002:
Job Title:  IC Production Manager
Post Date 2016-11-14
Job Type: Full-time
Job Area Engineering – IC Production
Location California – San Diego
Responsibilities The individual we are seeking will be responsible for:

  • Creating these IC and Module test documents:
    • Test plans, schedules and budgets for both IC level testing and
    • Module level testing
    • ATE test specification
  •  Identifying, evaluating and selecting IC and Module level testing service providers
  • Managing these IC/Module production tests at a contract manufacturers location :
    • Wafer level chip testing
    • Chip level testing
    • Module level testing
    • ATE test system
  • Managing all the post chip-out production processes such as wafer back-grinding, wafer dicing and packaging.
  • Creating production status reports such as:
    • QA Status Reports
    • Production Yield and Analysis Reports that include a suggested improvement plan
    • Production issues report that provides feedback to the design team
Attributes The individual we are seeking will possess these attributes:

  • A sharp analytical mind and problem solving mindset.
  • An intense curiosity to determine the root cause of failures in the IC and Module level tests and the perseverance to find solutions
  • An excellent communicator who can clearly describe a production issues, their root causes and propose solutions to his colleagues and to the IC and Module manufacturers.
Skills/Experience The individual we are seeking will have:

  • Experience with using production Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Knowledge a nd demonstrable examples of using a programming language to develop IC and Module level test programs
  • Familiarity with performing wafer level testing (e.g. wafer probing)
  • A demonstrable understanding of the fundamentals of wireless communication systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other relevant wireless protocols
  • At least five years of IC Production experience
Education Requirements BSEE or MSEE.
Motivation Hey if you are the least bit curious about this position let’s talk about this opportunity.
Tensorcom is a fab-less semi-conductor start-up headquartered in San Diego, CA. The company is the leader in developing ultra-low power 60GHz wireless SoCs for the mobile, networking, computing and consumer electronics markets. Markets that are expected to grow exponentially in the next year. We (Tensorcom), while poised to go to production with our current generation SoC, are in need of an individual who will help  us to meet the challenges of IC production. I look forward to talking with you soon.

How to apply:

Send your resume and cover letter with qualifications to
Please include the job title and requisition number listed above.